Things you hear in the city at night: A man playing saxophone on a street corner, a security guard whistling during his rounds , cabs honking their horns, a homeless man prying the lid off a bucket behind a restaurant and another homeless man beside him saying “Gee Ace, that just looks like old deep fryer oil to me”, and Ace replying “You got it all wrong Marv, this here is pure beer, haven’t you ever heard of a beer keg before?” and then Marv saying “This ain’t no beer keg Ace, it’s a bucket full of oil. Let’s get out of here for chrissakes”, and then Ace yelling “Fine Marv, you just blew it. Go ahead and leave. I’m going to stay and drink this free beer and get drunk while you walk around like an idiot”, and then Marv saying “I told you not to call me an idiot, and I ain’t drinking no goddamn fryer grease, and if I was you, I’d back the fuck up and not get in my face about it”, and then the sound of a struggle and Ace screaming “You think I give a fuck if I die tonight? Try fucking with me, Marv, just go ahead and try it. We’ll go right to the fucking end with this one buddy”, and then the sound of the restaurant back door opening and a man yelling “Jesus, what’s going on out here?” and then the sound of Ace and Marv scampering away.

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