Things you hear in the city at night: High heels clicking on pavement. Music spilling out from bars. Tipsy girls laughing on their way into a pizza parlor. A hungry alley cat meowing for food. Police sirens in the distance. An old man begging for change. That same old man whistling at a college girl. That girl’s boyfriend saying “Are you asking for a beating old man?” The old man replying “You college boys always got such smart mouths?” The college boy saying “Bring it on oldtimer”. The old man pulling out a gun and saying “Life’s a bitch and then you die”. The gun firing and people screaming. The old man flipping a coin at the lifeless body and saying “Here’s a quarter. Go downtown and learn some fucking manners.” Then the old man fires off two warning shots yelling “Aloha from Hawaii, cocksuckers."

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